Perth Community Guru

Community Services Portal

What I strive to provide you with:

  1. Information and Awareness: A community services blog serves as a valuable source of information about local and global community service initiatives, organizations, and events. It raises awareness about social issues, inspiring individuals to become more engaged and take action to make a positive impact.


  3. Education and Learning: The blog offers educational content on various aspects of community service roles, including best practices, volunteer management, ACWA accreditation, migration and effective community engagement. It equips readers with knowledge and skills to enhance their involvement and contribute effectively to their communities, empowering individuals as well as providing members the opportunity to make an informed decision.


  5. Inspiration and Motivation: By sharing stories of individuals, organizations, and projects that have made a difference, the blog inspires and motivates readers to get involved and create positive change. It highlights the power of collective action and showcases the transformative potential of community service.


  7. Networking and Collaboration: The blog provides a platform for individuals and organizations to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. It fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals, creating opportunities for partnerships, volunteer recruitment, referral to agencies and professionals, and therefore networking as well as knowledge exchange.


  9. Resource Hub: The blog serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering practical guides, toolkits, and resources related to community service to educate passionate people with the aim of making them resourceful and valuable workers.

Throughout my history as a dedicated community worker, I have passionately invested my time and efforts in uplifting and empowering the community, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those I have had the privilege to serve.